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The Art of Embracing Love, Confronting Death, and the Strength of Vulnerability

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About a month after my mother transitioned through the Antahkarana Bridge or, as I told her so many times, I am helping you to your "heavenly home," I had the most powerful vision.

After being bedside with her for three weeks, I had been home in Colorado for about a month. That Monday, I saw clients at Full Moon Books and cleared my field as I prepared to leave for home. Upon arriving home, I felt the need to clear my field again. As I began the process, I felt my momma clearly in my heart.

I sat down, put my hand on my heart, and quieted my mind even more to take in that wonderful feeling of being wrapped in her love. Then, I saw a holographic vision of my mom as a nineteen-year-old young lady. She was walking, arms swinging, smiling her beautiful smile. She looked so fresh and joyful. I could tell she felt no pain and golden white Light shone from her heart chakra, creating a luminous glow around her. I immediately heard from my guides that she was transitioning beautifully due to my efforts. We both were embracing love.

By this time, tears were running down my face. I was overwhelmed with emotion. Those words stayed with me, "She is transitioning beautifully." Oh, what a blessing to know such peace. A massive sigh of relief, as caring for and giving her Reiki often had been the most incredible honor but emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically exhausting to the core.

This portal to my mother was wide open, and I relished being so close and connected to her. I must admit it then got weird!

Shotly after, I lost connection to the dimensional portal where I could see my mother. I questioned if I had ended up in a different space. I called upon Yeshua, all my angels and guides, Archangel Michael, and the dragons of the blue ray. However, I could not shift the weirdness that I was seeing clairvoyantly. Each time I closed my eyes, I saw disconcerting beings. I would open my eyes, and all was well.  I remember thinking, "Oh my gosh, this is how and why people lose their minds!"

With my hand still on my heart, I took a deep breath and felt the connection to my Higher Self. I work with my Higher Self daily in meditation, lovingly building and strengthening the bond and building my own Antahkarana Bridge. From a Reiki perspective, consciously working on this daily helps to build the Antahkarana bridge so it is ready at the time of our passing. I will note that the bridge is still a mystery to me but I have been guided to help others to build their bridge.

At that moment, it was as if my Higher Self reached down and grabbed my heart, and I intuitively knew to send the awful things I was seeing love. Once I hit that love frequency and sent love from my heart, the scary vectors disappeared instantly.

Through this experience, I have come to trust and know that love is the most powerful frequency. And this is something I will continue to embrace and support others in doing.

Since the beginning of my Reiki attunements, I began helping guardians of animals with animal communication and Reiki. Many of these precious animals were getting close to moving through the Antahkaranha bridge to their heavenly homes.

I started Death School in the spring of 2023 to understand and learn more about being of service with end-of-life care. My greatest passion and calling is to help animals during this sacred transition. After attending Death School, I became passionate about helping humans with end-of-life care.

I say this with the humblest heart, but I feel that I am a spiritual death doula first and foremost and an eleventh-hour doula next. A spiritual doula helps with healing and building the bridge whereas an eleventh hour doula is where we stay with the soul as they cross over to the other side.

I know that time with my mother offering Reiki, healing Light, talking to her while she was actively dying, and prayer helped to co-regulate her nervous system. These are my greatest gifts in end-of-life care. When I heard those words, 'due to your efforts,' which I heard twice, I felt such a firm conviction to move forward on my soul path in end-of-life care. I am Anam Cara; soul friend. I am a death walker.


That's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Kristen. 💜 Love, Raven

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Thank you, Raven! Your kind words mean very much to me!❤️

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